5 Reasons Why Air Plant Terrariums Make Great Gifts!

These beautifully designed hand blown glass terrariums, are one of a kind and exquisite.  No two are alike, making each terrarium unique and special.  A perfect gift for any occasion, for any one.  
      1. UNIQUE - Simply like no other.
      2. BEAUTY - Pictures may speak a thousand words...Seeing it ON VIDEO, speaks volumes.
      3. HEALTH & WELLNESS - Air plants are known to calm down the mind and help relieve stress. Like plants, they naturally absorb carbon dioxide and create fresh oxygen which is the key element to inducing positivity.
      4. HAPPINESS - These delightful air plant terrariums, transform the mood and energy of a room. They make for great conversation starters, and helps to maintain a feeling of well being and happiness.
      5. SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY - These air plants are very hardy and low maintenance.  By promoting air plants in your environment, you are helping to clean the air of pollutants. Air plants absorb carbon and heavy metals from the air.  How to Care for Air Plants  for more information on care and benefits.
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