3 Positive Effects of Air Plant Terrariums

Air plants, also known as air purifying plants are gaining a lot of popularity and with good reason. They require minimum effort to grow and due to their flexibility, are able to thrive in many set-ups. Air plants attach themselves to another plant or inanimate object and flourish beautifully without damaging the host. These fascinating plants have no roots but they can last longer if placed in a well-lit location.

Here are some positive benefits of including air plants in your home or workspace:


Since the innate nature of an air plant requires it to attach to something, this opens up a wide world of air plant display ideas. They can be arranged artistically in glass bowls with shells, stones, pearls and more to aesthetically enhance your surroundings, according to your tastes. They can be displayed in any room that is well illuminated but not scorching!


Air plants are known to calm down the mind and help relieve stress. Like plants, they naturally absorb carbon dioxide and create fresh oxygen which is the key element to inducing positivity. However, as delightful air plant displays, they transform the mood and energy of a room. They are also great positive conversation starters and their mere presence helps to maintain a feeling of well being and happiness.


When the mind is happy, the body is healthier. But with air plants in your vicinity, you will experience quicker healing due to factors such as higher humidity levels. There are also fewer chances of allergic reactions to dust and mites as air plants reduce these elements from the air. People with air plants have also been known to suffer less from infections, colds, headaches, and asthma. Hence, air plants displayed in gorgeous hand-blown glass, and arranged among appealing little elements that reflect your preferences, are a wonderful way to ensure beauty, happiness and good health in your space.  
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