Our Mission

We capture positive and healing energy and present it in stunning hand-blown glass terrariums.

Our glass bowls display air plants with an array of eye-catching and healing elements such as seashells, semi-precious stones, moss, pebbles or decorative charms to suit your environment.

Our glass terrariums are created by master artisans from Bali, Indonesia. They are skilled in the art of blowing glass from which each terrarium is made of. They are then attached to rustic pieces of Gamal wood. The result is as beautiful as the making process.

Our mission is to spread the talent of these artisans and express our appreciation for the art, by making their creations available globally. Every hand-blown glass terrarium sourced from them tells a different story, as it represents its own piece of Balinese culture.

We offer an aesthetic upgrade that also spreads serenity via our glass terrariums. They are also great conversation starters that can trigger topics related to spiritualism, nature, travel. varied cultures and art.

Enhancing Harmony and Wellness With Glass Terrariums

Our decorative glass terrariums enhance the beauty and harmony of a room. Each glass bowl holds air plants that cleanse the surrounding energy.

Air plants or Tillandsia survive mainly on the air around them. They are known to be self-sufficient as they don’t need to take nutrients from any other living form. They can grow, attached to an object, piece of wood or plant without damaging or depriving it. Air plants increase humidity levels and curb dust and infection wherever they are placed. Medically, they improve air quality and lessen the chances of individuals living on their premises of getting a cold, allergies or a headache. Visually, they liven up the room and induce happiness and positivity. 

This healing is further intensified by the stones we place in the glass terrariums. We use selenite, black tourmaline, peacock ore and more. Each stone has its own healing properties such as increasing joy, sharpening intuition, removing fear, boosting self-confidence and even improving relationships. Together the air plants and crystals create a source of unlimited wellness.

All our glass terrariums make perfect gifts apart from being ideal for your own home, office or therapeutic facility.

Each irresistible piece made just for you...

Our select collection includes:

a) Air Plant Terrariums

Decorate and purify your surroundings with our choice of the air plant breeds that are beneficial, attractive, and easy to maintain. They are either embedded into sand or pebbles, then perched onto decorative structures. Each air plant comes in a different shade and size. We add a carefully selected range of pretty seashells, and/or semi-precious stones, into various hand-blown glass terrariums. Each air plant terrarium has a specific theme and purpose. We also offer instructions on the minimal care required to take care of your air plants.


b) Hand Blown Glass over Gamal Wood

Find a unique hand-blown glass terrarium that sits artistically on a gorgeous piece of Gamal wood. Place any object or plant of your choice inside the glass bowl to create your own personalized decorative piece. Each hand-blown glass bowl has a distinctive shape and unique angle that gives it a rare quality. Its creation process involves melting the glass over the wood to take its shape and fit just right. These glass terrariums can be placed solo or in a group.