Experience the Beauty of Light - Hand Blown Glass Tea Light Candle Holders

Experience the beauty of light in the most soothing manner reflected through our surreal hand-blown glass tea light holders.

Create the perfect ambience by the beach, in a garden or in your own sacred space. Each piece is unique just like you. Allow your inner glow to radiate as you light up a row of these stunning beach themed gel candles. The glass can be easily removed from its gamal wood base to place charming tea lights within.

Light up a path that leads to a special place. Create a romantic mood, a festive aura or a meditative environment with our artistic glass light holders. Make memories that can be cherished forever.

Designed by local artisans in Bali, our glass blown tea light holders make ideal gifts for those who love the subtle glow of tea lights in their lives. They are perfect for keeping candles lit on windy beaches against moon-lit waves. They also look fabulous in arrangements on the front porch, terrace or balcony. 

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