Pink Crystal Quartz Tea Light Candle Holder with Rhodonite Tumble Stone and Seashell, Coastal-Inspired Home Decor. A Serene Beach Ambience



Create a serene atmosphere with our Pink Crystal Quartz Cluster Tea Light Candle Holder.

This tea light candle holder is designed to infuse warmth and ambiance into any space. Simply place the tea light within and watch as the gentle glow illuminates the translucent beauty of the quartz cluster.

A cluster of pink crystal quartz is elegantly displayed over a bed of fine pink sand, accompanied by pink quartz pebbles for added charm.

We’ve included a polished rhodonite tumble stone, and a Pink/Black Sea Shell, to further enhance the peaceful ambiance. Showcasing its natural beauty and creating a unique coastal touch.

To symbolize eternal love, we've also included an infinity love symbol charm, making this tea light candle holder a thoughtful gift or a delightful addition to your own collection.

Indoor Styling with Nature! It’s a Lifestyle.

Approximate Dimensions:

2” Height
5” Width
7.5” Long


Hand Carved Wood Hands
Tea Candle (Non-Scented)
Pink Aura Quartz Crystal
Rhodonite Stone
Pink/Black Delphinula Shell
Love Infinity Symbol
Pink Quartz Pebbles
Pink Sand

***May vary by .5 inch***
***100% Handmade***

100% Natural Wood
100% Nature Inspired
100% Made with Love

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