Wood Carved Praying Hands Air Plant Centerpiece Kit, Pyrite Crystal Moss & Air Plant Decorative Bowl, Wooden Loving Hands Zen Garden Tray

by PortDr

Wood Carved Praying Hands Air Plant Centerpiece Kit. Complete with beautiful pyrite crystal, moss and live air plant. A stunning hand carved decorative piece that looks great as a table accent, centerpiece, or shelf sitter. A great spiritual gift for plant lovers, too. Perfect for creating Zen gardens and more.

These pieces are created to give you a breathe of fresh air, with a serene mini atmosphere. It also makes for great gifts, and easy to care for!


• 2” Height
• 5” Width
• 7” Long


• Air Plant
• Pyrite Crystal
• Moss
• Carved Wood Hands

The crystal in photo is a demo, each one has its uniqueness in shape

100% Natural wood
100% Nature Inspired
100% Made with love