Genuine Angel Aura Howlite Obelisk Air Plant Terrarium - DIY Blown Glass Centerpiece - Iridescent Beach Decor


“Pillar of Hope” Air Plant DIY Terrarium

Our stunning Genuine Angel Aura Howlite Obelisk Air Plant Terrarium is a unique DIY Blown Glass centerpieces perfect for iridescent Beach Decor. The kit includes a genuine Angel Aura Howlite Obelisk with an air plant, white sand, and natural decorative elements. The combination of the iridescent aura and the natural elements creates a calming atmosphere while adding a mystical touch to your home decor. This elegant centerpiece is perfect for gift ideas or personal use in sustainable home decor and indoor styling.


Each display is unique and one of a kind, no two are the same.


1 Hand blown glass melted over gamal wood set
1 Air plant - Shape and size vary
1 Angel Aura Howlite Obelisk
1 Light Pink Quartz
1 Lime Green Quartz
1 Cholla wood piece
Sand - White
Preserved moss - Green
Iridescent pebbles
Assembly and care instruction card


• Approximate Opening Diameter: 3”
• Approximate Size: 6wx6h” (Width and height may vary between 1-2 inches)


Each glass and wood piece vary in shape. The display shown, is one of many variations we carry in stock. Bubbles and/or ripples, and minor imperfections are a normal result of the hand blown glass process.


100% Handcrafted
100% Nature Inspired
100% Made with Love


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