Valentine Plant Gift, Air Plant Holder, Hand Carved Beach Decor, Wood Carved Loving Hands with Air Plant DIY Kit, Easy to Care for


Looking for the perfect Valentine's plant gift? Look no further! Our Air Plant Holder is a love-filled creation, combining natural elements for a truly special present.

Crafted with care, this unique holder showcases the beauty of air plants while delivering a heartfelt message. With its natural elements and loving design, this gift is sure to make a lasting impression.

Share the love and give a gift of beauty and serenity this Valentine's Day.

Approximate Dimensions:

2” Height
5” Width
7.5” Long


Air Plant
Pyrite Crystal
Pink Rose Quartz
Strawberry Red Top Sea Shell
Angel Aura Pebbles
Wood Love Chip
Pink Moss
Red Sand

***May vary by .5 inch***
***100% Handmade***

Also makes for a great hand made gift for any occasion!

100% Natural wood
100% Nature Inspired
100% Made with Love

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