The Art of Hand Blown Glass and it's Process

The Process Of Creating Beautiful Hand-Blown Bowls

Artistically created glass bowls undergo a process that is quite old but classic, nonetheless. Many civilizations have shaped molten glass into intricate pieces that have served us for years.

Hand-blown bowls are stunning decorative pieces, placed on gorgeous textured pieces of gamal wood. The passion, the skill, and the art of creating these bowls compose the true story behind the beauty of hand-blown bowls. 

Let us reveal to you the talent and process behind these specially created pieces.

The Passion That Fuels It

No creative process can be born without an avid fondness fueling it. 

Creating and making hand-blown bowls available to the world, with their lovely, reflective dips and curves involves a passion for art. Supporting this is a secondary but equally important passion to spread the talent of local glass blowers. 

Most exquisite glass and terrarium bowls are created in South East Asian villages and other such remote locations. These artisans produce and supply locally. Their work rarely reaches other ports for people to appreciate and beautify their lives with. 

Hence, it takes some passion to ensure this happens for the betterment of the glass blowing communities and the people who purchase their hand-blown bowls. 

Here are the steps that lead to gorgeous hand-blown glass bowls:

Step 1: Applying Heat

Glass is easily molded when heated. The ideal temperature is 2000 degrees which are achieved in a furnace in a matter of minutes.  

Step 2:  Creating a Gob

An end of the blowpipe is then heated and rolled over this soft molten glass to make a glob or hollow section of glass, that attaches to the blowpipe. Ready for the next step!

Step 3: Shaping with a Marver

Here is where the skill of design and manipulation enters along with the help of a metal slab known as the marver. The molten glass is rolled over this slab and shaped into its unique design. One alternates between the marver and the heat to achieve the desired shape of the glass bowl. 

Step 4: Blowing the Glass

Blowing the glass gives it, its final shape and design. The talented artisans rest the glass on the steep stand while blowing and heating till they achieve a magical result that’s quite breathtaking! 

It is often placed on an interesting piece of gamal wood as it sinks into its crevices and becomes one with the base. 

Once the magic is complete, the glass bowl is snipped off at the perfect point. 

Step 5: Cooling and Setting the Glass 

A hot glass bowl takes time to completely cool. An annealing oven is often used to cool it down gradually over time. Sudden cooling can break the glass so this step needs utmost care and patience. 

Finally, once cooled the glass bowl or terrarium, placed on gamal wood is ready to be shipped. 


A work of true passion, hand-blown glass bowls are rightly fascinating owing to their enigmatic beauty and crafting process. 

They symbolise the ultimate union of man-made design and natural elements, woven together to produce unparalleled pieces that spread charm, positivity, and good energy wherever they go. 

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