Nature-Inspired Hand Carved Wood Hands with Air Plants, Pink Rose, and Beach Accents for Unique Home Decor


Hand-carved wood hands decorated with air plants, a preserved pink rose head, pink mouthed murex shell, a mix of white and brown pebbles, and white sand, make a stunning and unique addition to any home decor.

The intricate craftsmanship of the wooden hands combined with the natural elements creates a beautifully balanced look that is both aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly.

This elegant design is perfect for those with an appreciation for nature and style, providing a serene and calming atmosphere to any room.

Hand Carved Wood Hands DIY KIT includes:

  • Air Plant
  • Pink Mouth Murex Shell 
  • Preserved Pink Rose Head
  • Pebbles
  • White Moss
  • White Sand

Approximate Dimensions:

2” Height
5” Width
7.5” Long

***May vary by .5 inch***

100% Natural Wood
100% Nature Inspired
100% Made with Love

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