Hand Blown Glass Melted Over Gamal Wood Set / 6x6” / Includes a Tea Candle, an Angel Aura Crystal, a Peacock Rock and Black Sand

by Port Dr
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Black Sand Beach Crystal Tea Candle Decor


- 1 Hand Blown Glass Set with Wood Stand
- 1 Peacock Rock
- 1 Aura Crystal
- 1 Black Sand
- 1 Tea Light Candle

Approximate Opening Diameter: 2-3”

Approximate Size: 6wx6h” (Width and height may vary between 1-2 inches)

Each glass and wood piece vary in shape. The display shown, is one of many variations we carry in stock. All unique and one of a kind, no two are the same.

***Bubbles/ripples, and minor imperfections are a normal result of the hand blown process***

100% Handcrafted
100% Nature Inspired
100% Made with Love